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I am a photographer and Writer
You might have seen my football helmet designs recently

Murray State Helmet

I designed the new Murray State Helmet for this year. Here are some pics of it in action and some samples. I will post some of the concepts that got vetoed later this week. I tried pushing the envelope but racing checkers were all that I got approved





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If They Won’t Listen Then Do It Yourself

If They Won’t Listen Then Do It Yourself

I have basically come to the conclusion that 90% of Athletic Directors are cheap and swag deficient. This being said it makes pitching helmet and uniform designs to them difficult. The other thing that AD’s share is that they are all whores. They will do anything for a buck. A quick look at the mess that was impact camo from Adidas, the 3/4 helmet of the Irish, the tragic combination that have…

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Western Michigan Broncos Helmet Concept

Western Michigan Broncos Helmet Concept

This was a helmet concept that I came up with for Western Michigan. I was given the task to come up with something new and different. The decal could be metallic or flat. I was leaning towards a metallic logo on the matte brown helmet the team already uses. I have no idea if this is going to be used because no one has ever told me so here it is what it would look like.

I love how the back comes…

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