Charles Sollars

I am a photographer and Writer
You might have seen my football helmet designs recently

LSU Pants

I decided to make my own template so I could work on making some cooler pants. I started with LSU for no real reason. These are just the first few ideas to try and figure out the highlighting on the template but I like the first one as a Pro Combat /homecoming one time thing. Thinking that the LSU should connect to stripes like it does in the 4th one.

More pants and full uniforms to come.

Here is…

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Jordan Shoe Concepts

Ok I ran across some really old color pencil Jordan Concepts I did before I even knew what photoshop was thought I would share on the day of XX9

35084_694841914414_8186176_n 34563_694842243754_4429755_n 34347_694841909424_3810957_n 37858_694841924394_3919040_n

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Oregon State Beavers

I did these Oregon State logos and helmet concepts back when Nike brought out the new uniforms. I didn’t like the shape of the new logo because the Beaver looked like it had duck feathers. I also was not a fan of the helmets so here are my tweaks from back then

You can see all of the concepts on my flickr page below are the highlights

8534523259_0057336ba4_o 8535179310_6f9f617c63_o 8535179288_2d246d632e_o 8534070789_d910fa45d2_o 8534070775_7e809bdf46_o8534071163_820c92b1a9_o 8535179436_3f60d874e4_o 8535179854_6fec666496_o 8534071251_5d452757f1_o8535179382_0687902bd0_o

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